Rhythm of the seasons

Externally the architecture of the building is smooth and sleek, but with an element of playfulness, that is both endearing and unique. The curves that combine to shape each balcony frame the outlook to neighbouring Gardiner Reserve for the residents, but they also create an individual sense of place for each residence as no two shapes are the same.

However, it is the spectacular reflective nature of the building's external that really sets it apart from all others. The mirrored surface captures the surrounding landscape and reflects it back on the world, creating a façade that moves with the rhythm of the seasons.

The Lobby

A Grand Entrance.

The moment you arrive at Reflections, a sophisticated tone is set. The impressive lobby is designed to be minimal, yet still feels inviting.

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Sweeping Views

Private Garden.

As the building steps back on level 4, it reveals an expansive residents garden that gazes out across the treetops to the CBD skyline. Artfully composed by the renowned Jack Merlo Design, the garden features large expanses of grassed space, lush garden beds, covered dining areas and large, circular bench seats, ideal for gathering with friends and basking in the sunset.

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Everything is taken care of

Concierge Service & App.

A 6 days per week concierge service will further enhance the convenience and luxurious nature of life at Reflections. The range of services that the concierge will offer is comprehensive, ranging from receiving deliveries, organising transport, restaurant reservations and event tickets to co-ordinating housekeeping, dry cleaning and valet parking services if required. It’s about peace of mind and the freedom that comes with knowing everything is taken care of.

Reflections will also offer an app for all purchasers to download. This app will keep owners informed of all progress during the constructionprocess and change to an owners corporation management tool once building is complete. Access important information whenever and wherever you require. It's just another way that Reflections can enhance everyday life.